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KINGgates Dynamos Kit 24/400 - Automation for sliding gates with leaves up to 400 Kg

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Quick Overview

  • The KINGgates Dynamos Kit 24/400 is an innovative, stylish and modern system ideal for automation for sliding gates with leaves up to 400 Kg.

  • 24Vdc system with built-in ac/dc adapter makes it easier to integrate with optional battery backup facility to supply power to the system during power outage. 

  • Intelligent obstacle detection with configurable sensitivity for increased safety. 

  • Simple programing for setup.

  • Additional safety using pair of photocells to detect moving objects and take action to automatically stop the gate movement.

  • Opening and closing speed adjustment.

  • Opening for pedestrian access.

  • Optional integration with security products such as audio/video door phones, keypad entry system and proximity sensors.

  • Made in Italy.

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KINGgates Dynamos Kit 24/400 - Automation for sliding gates with leaves up to 400 Kg
  • Dynamos 24/400
  • Dynamos 24/400 Kit


Reliability and safety are at the base of the mechanical components: produced with sturdy materials, they turn on large ball bearings that are attached to die-cast aluminum roller housings. The internal gear has involute teeth. This special construction allows maximum contact between the worm screw and the gear. The tooth wraps around the screw whereas in traditional construction the parts in contact add up to just a few millimeters. The result? Quiet movement, high performance, no wear. 4 Kg of die cast aluminum, ABS plastic parts with anti-UVA ray treatment and pure polyester painting make Dynamos a solid automation that can stand up to any sort of weather. The sturdy handle in die cast aluminum with personalized key allows manual opening of the gate and disables the electronic apparatus, preventing undesired movement. 


Star D 124 is the control units integrated into the Dynamos automation. This simplifies the job of the installer ensuring high performance in terms of safety, durability and speed. A sole hardware speeds up the commissioning of automation management and maintenance becomes simple and practical. The plastic box, spare fuses and the removable memory card are some examples of functionality and design of this reliable and innovative product. The software technology PWM (Pulse width modulation) in the 24 Vdc control unit ensure maximum safety in case of obstacles and allow to adjust the gate speed in opening and closing. 


  • 1 Dynamos 24/400 – Sliding gate motor
  • 1 Start D124 – Built-in control unit
  • 2 Stylo 4K – Remote controls
  • 1 Idea 24 Plus – Flashing light
  • 2 Viky 30 – Safety photocells   
  • 1 Tab – Sign board
  • 1 Foundation plate for ground level mounting
  • 5 Nos of 1 metre nlon rack with metal insert (28x20x1000)

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