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Professional Security

Selindus Professional Security 


Selindus professional security products are powered by Silentron, Italy. Silentron supplies control systems and accessories for wireless anti-intrusion electronic alarm systems for burglar alarm systems and home automation, using their High Technology (HT) and Sil-Bus systems.


Silentron professional security products are not available for online purchase as such security solutions must be designed and implemented by a professional installer based on customised security needs.


 Please contact for your security solution.


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Burglary alarm systems:

how and why


 A burglar alarm system is an effective option to having to live locked up, with security bars on our windows while fearing night intrusions. These structure’s sturdiness is an important safety factor, but these devices become unattractive and oppressive when they are excessive. An insurance policy is useful to attain theft reimbursement, but it can never compensate the discomfort of an unwelcome invasion of our privacy, nor the loss or damage of items with a sentimental and personal value. Electronic burglar alarms are adequate intruder deterrents in most instances, especially for residential and corporate environments or for other locations where few appealing valuables are kept. Statistics based on reported offenses demonstrate that intrusions mostly occur in areas where no burglar alarms have been installed.  

This is why deterring intrusions is Silentron’s main objective. A dislodged siren thrown in a water bucket is a typical ineffective deterring example. But if this same siren had been less accessible, or had other sirens, or other deterring solutions (lights, strobes or watering system turning on, dogs breaking loose, artificial fog filling a room and/or harmless firecrackers setting off) been installed, it would have been an effective deterrent. This is an example of how the devices offered in this catalogue may be installed to design an effective system. Silentron’s home burglary alarm solutions have been developed focusing on the protected area’s occupants and Silentron’s home deterring devices are controlled by the user to prevent a family from getting scared and/or intruder’s uncontrolled reactions. This is why Silentron systems can warn both user and intruder with voice messages, before any of the installed alarm devices are activated. Every burglar alarm system is unique and designed to the user’s requirements and location in order to carefully foresee possible intrusions and to enable appropriate counteracting measures. In order to ensure the system’s greatest effectiveness it must therefore be installed by a professional installer.