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Selindus and KINGgates Italy

The Pioneers of automatic gates and doors products

Our products include automation for swing and sliding gates, roller shutter motors, sectional and overhead doors and road barriers.  Made in Italy, to the highest standards, the products also reflect elegance and deliver high level of safety. We are the KING in the industry in India, when it comes to reliability, customer service, quality and speed. We have been powering the infrastructure of India with KINGgates products since 2013 and we are distributing across Pan-India scaling through Selindus Delivery Network (SDN).

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Cooking Technology

Safe and convinient kitchen experience

With quality and safety in mind, we offer gas cooking hobs that are durable and of good performance. When there is a safety concern, the system will automatically shutdown gas supply. These products are suitable both for new builds as well as for retrofitting into existing infrastructure.

Stainless steel pan on gas hob in a modern kitchen
digital screen in smart home

Smart home technology

Create pleasant experiences at home

Smarter way of managing the electrical and electronic equipments and security of your home offers a number of advantages that include energy saving, convenience, safety, remote control of lighting and appliances via internet and smartphone, and scheduled operation of the electrical and electronic devices at home.

Elegant doors for home and building

Enhance the beauty of your infrastructure

We can offer custom made doors for your projects both sourced locally and also imported ones. Based on your project requirements, we are able to arrange the manufacturing and supply of doors for your building projects.

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